I think poster and brochure are great ways to get people’s attention to something that is important. My audience are the chocolate lovers and chocolate buyers. I want to reach these audience in the real worlds by hanging the posters in chocolate stores and pass out brochures around the stores. My purpose is to raise the awareness of chocolate shortage and to come out a real solution together.

I only putted down a few words on my poster because I don’t like long, wordy posters; whenever I see a poster with lot of words I will chose to skip it. I think an important characteristic of successful posters is simple; audience are able to get an idea of issue in a few sentences. The difficulty I had in working my poster was not able to put more information while not making it seem too wordy. In solution, I made a QR code which linked to my blog on chocolate shortage. People can scan the QR code with their mobile devices if they want to know more about this issue.

In comparison to the poster I made, I was able to put more information on to my brochure. In my opinion, brochures should be very informative. I putted down how chocolate are being made, reasons of eating chocolate, what is happening to our chocolate,  and how we can help out with this issue. I think the purpose of this brochure is to educate people about chocolate and chocolate shortage.

I pick this two genres because posters and brochures are able to get more people to know about this issue comparing to letters and are easier for people to understand comparing to poems. I think doing poster and brochure is the most effective way to reach the people in my case.


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