❸ Fake Chocolate?

Believe it or not, some of the chocolate that we are consuming today are not real chocolate. While I was researching for people’s reactions about chocolate shortage I found something very interesting:  some claim that cocoa shortage will not effect as more as people think it would, due the fact that chocolate are not made with real cocoa. As I research more, I found out that one of my favorite chocolate brand is a part of the fake chocolate.  It was very surprising and disappointing  for me, because I did not know people nowadays are faking chocolates.

Did you notice that some of the chocolate change their descriptions from chocolate to chocolate candy? To my understanding of Hershey’s is that during their manufacturing process the cocoa solids are separated from the cocoa butter. These cocoa solids are dehydrated and become cocoa powder. To form chocolate candy bars, the cocoa powder is then combined with some of the cocoa butter along with some other ingredients. So the “chocolate” is disassembled then re-assembled into a new form. However, Hershey, one of my favorite chocolate brand, has changed the recipes for some of its products using lower-cost vegetable oils instead of cocoa butter. People said the removal of cocoa butter affects the taste and cheapens the products.

Hershey changed the labels on some of their products from chocolate to chocolate candy or chocolaty; they can no longer legally call products that made without cocoa butter chocolate. Hershey spokesman Kirk Saville claimed: “Consumers love this, and people prefer the change”. At the annual shareholders meeting this year, president and CEO David J. West said Hershey received fewer consumer complaints about product quality after they changed the formula. Personally, I found this very ridiculous. Hershey simply kicked back the reasons of producing fake chocolate back to the consumers; what they were saying was that why are they producing fake chocolate? Because all the consumers like the fake ones more! Cybele May, who runs the Candy Blog, followed closely about the fake chocolate from Hershey.  May contacted Hershey to ask about what exactly is in their products and all they told her was ” this bar is proprietary and cannot be shared”. She claimed that Hershey betrayed consumers by changing the formula without telling them.

Although this is a seven years old news, I still believe many chocolate consumers did not notice the fact that what we are eating are not real. Some people believe that chocolate is good for their health and consume it for a healthier body. I am pretty sure that fake chocolates do not have as much benefit as the real chocolate.

On the other hand, I think the fact that fake chocolate are using less cocoa beans might slows down the effect of chocolate shortage in the world. By decreasing the demand of cocoa beans, farmers are able to have more time to grow cocoa trees. But as a consumer, I rather pay more for the real chocolate than eating something that is made up with something else.


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