❶ History of Chocolate

Chocolate is a part of human life; it is a friend to cheer you up when you are depress; it can be a meal if you do not have time to eat; it is a great dessert no matter how you make it; it is a way to express love to our love ones. Do you like chocolate? No matter how hard your try to keep yourself away from sweets, you must have eaten some kind of chocolate products. Chocolate products are everywhere in our life whether you are a kid or a grown adults. Not only are people used to eating chocolate, but also it is gotten used in art, fashion and beauty and more, people are also making chocolate mask in order to solve skin problems. Despite the fact that we are seeing chocolates everywhere everyday, did you ever wonder where chocolate comes from? Do you know how chocolate was discovered? Let me bring you back to the beginning of the story of chocolate.

The story of chocolate begins with a tree, a small tree of the tropical understory during hundreds and hundreds years ago. Cacao beans were discovered by the Mayans and Aztecs. They mixed grounded cocoa beans with seasonings, spices and water to concoct a drink called “Xocoatll”.  “Xocoatl” was a  drink that Mayans and Aztecs saw it as a gift from gods. In 1519, the Aztec emperor Montezuma served some to his new guest, the conquistador Hernando Cortes.  The Aztecs thought that Cortes was the reincarnation of an exiled god-king. Instead, he had come calling to find rumored Aztec gold, and within three years he brought down the Aztec empire. Cortes brought cacao home to Spain later in the 1520s. He adapted the recipe by adding sugar for a better taste. Soon it became a fashionable drink enjoyed by the rich people in Spain. But cocoa beans were in short supply so the special chocolate drink recipe was a closely guarded secret for nearly a century. As the secret of chocolate got out, cacao use spread across Europe. The first English chocolate house which was very similar to today’s coffee houses opened in London in 1657. In 1847, Fry & Sons in England introduced the first “eating chocolate,” but did not attract much attention due to its bitter taste. In 1874, a famous Swiss chocolatier Daniel Peter experimented with various mixtures to balance chocolates bitter flavor, and eventually found out the best match of chocolates — milk. This changed everything and chocolate’s acceptance after that was quick and enthusiastic. Then chocolate slowly evolved to what we have today.

Today, Many people rely on chocolate products to give then energy and good mood, however we are facing a chocolate shortage. Can you imagine the rest of your life without chocolate? No more chocolate, no more chocolate cookies, no more hot cocoa, no more chocolate cakes, and no more chocolate sundaes? For people who are chocoholic like me, it will be a completely nightmare. I believe we should all care about this issue.


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